My Journey Through Time

Whether you’ve been following my blog for a long time or whether this is your first visit, I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that I love reading historical fiction! This section of the blog is a place for me to put my historical fiction reviews into some sort of order, which I’m hoping will be a useful resource for both myself and other readers.

As this is a work in progress, I’ll be adding more pages as and when I have time. My intention is to create lists of all the historical fiction and non-fiction books I’ve read and reviewed which deal with a particular time period, country or other theme. After browsing my lists, please feel free to comment and recommend other books you’ve read on that subject.

Ancient History
Ancient Rome

NEW: Scottish History

Medieval England
Pre-Conquest England and the House of Normandy
The Plantagenets

15th Century England
The Wars of the Roses

16th Century England
The Tudors Part 1: Henry VII, Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII and his wives, Edward VI
The Tudors Part 2: The Grey sisters, Mary I and Elizabeth I
Books about and inspired by William Shakespeare

17th Century England
The English Civil War and Interregnum
Restoration and late 17th century England

20th Century World History
World War I

Historical Musings

Historical Musings

In April 2015, I launched a new series of monthly posts on all things historical fiction.  We’ve had some great discussions in the comments sections – and people have been listing lots of recommendations too.  If you have anything to add, you’re welcome to comment on any or all of these posts:

#1 – Do you read historical fiction?
#2 – Books about Ancient Rome
#3 – Perceptions of the genre
#4 – Time periods
#5 – Books for younger readers
#6 – Historical Non-fiction
#7 – Exploring Africa
#8 – Women’s Classic Literature
#9 – Reading broadly or reading narrowly
#10 – Possible reads for 2016
#11 – A post for Valentine’s Day
#12 – Essential Tudor fiction
#13 – The Author’s Note
#14 – Close to home or far away?
#15 – Six reasons to love historical fiction
#16 – Exploring Europe
#17 – The historical mystery
#18 – Castles!
#19 – The Halloween edition
#20 – Exploring Japan
#21 – My year in historical fiction
#22 – Books to look out for in 2017
#23 – Time Travel

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